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Wenge Chopsticks

Wenge Chopsticks

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Wenge Chopsticks

Enjoy the beauty of our handcrafted exotic wood chopsticks. This pair is made from the African Black Wenge species known as Millettia laurentii that grows in Central Africa. Pronounced when-ghay, Wenge is a strong wood that has a straight grain with a very coarse texture. Nicknamed ‘death by a 1000 needles’, in its raw lumber form, it is very splintery and its splinters tend to take longer to heal. Any machined process releases hundreds of splinters and requires a higher degree of care. Its color can be solid black or a two tone of black and medium brown.

Each pair of chopsticks are handcrafted from premium exotic woods that are hand selected to be devoid of defects. Hand shaped using a horizontal belt sander, each stick is expertly made to have a Japanese taper from top to bottom. Finished with heat treated walnut oil that is FDA approved for everyone, waxed with a special blend, and hand polished for your enjoyment! The wood species is laser engraved on the skinny side of each chopstick for wood identification.

Species: African Black Wenge
Length: 10"
Taper: Japanese

Care Instructions:

  1. Hand wash only.
  2. Don’t let it sit in water overnight
  3. Re-oil if dry.


Engraved - Customized laser engraved options up to 35 characters. Personalize your chopsticks with a name on side 1, then a quote on side 2.

Epoxy back fill - Once laser engraved, we back fill the engraving with a color contrast epoxy (white or black depending on the wood color) to make it pop even more.

Blank - No custom engraving. Only the wood species would be laser engraved on the skinny side. 

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