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Survived COVID19 Chopsticks

Survived COVID19 Chopsticks

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"Survived COVID19" Chopsticks

Selling our Blood... wood! Love jokes, puns and word play? We do too! Offering a whole set of laser engraved chopsticks that will make people eye-roll for sushi rolls!

Enjoy the beauty of our handcrafted exotic wood chopsticks. This pair is made from the Brazilian Bloodwood species known as Brosimum Rubescens that grows in the Amazon basin of South American. Like most Brazilian exotic woods, this is an exceptionally strong, stiff and dense wood that makes it one of the best woods to use as chopsticks. It has a vivid red natural color that will make it stand out from the rest.

Each pair of chopsticks are handcrafted from premium exotic woods that are hand selected to be devoid of defects. Hand shaped using a horizontal belt sander, each stick is expertly made to have a Japanese taper from top to bottom. Finished with heat treated walnut oil that is FDA approved for everyone, waxed with a special blend, and hand polished for your enjoyment! The wood species is laser engraved on the skinny side of each chopstick for wood identification.

Species: Brazil Bloodwood
Length: 10"
Taper: Japanese

Care Instructions:

  1. Hand wash only.
  2. Don’t let it sit in water overnight
  3. Re-oil if dry.


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