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Stick it to the man Chopsticks

Stick it to the man Chopsticks

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"Stick it to the man" Chopsticks

Love jokes, puns and word play? We do too! Offering a whole set of laser engraved chopsticks that will make people eye-roll for sushi rolls!

Each pair of chopsticks are handcrafted from premium exotic woods that are hand selected to be devoid of defects. Hand shaped using a horizontal belt sander, each stick is expertly made to have a Japanese taper from top to bottom. Finished with heat treated walnut oil that is FDA approved for everyone, waxed with a special blend, and hand polished for your enjoyment! The wood species is laser engraved on the skinny side of each chopstick for wood identification.

This pair as described:

Side 1: Stick it to the man
Side 2: Stick it to the man

Length: 10"
Taper: Japanese

Care Instructions:

  1. Hand wash only.
  2. Don’t let it sit in water overnight
  3. Re-oil if dry.

*Photo depicts American Maple*