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Maple Chopstick Stand

Maple Chopstick Stand

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Maple Chopstick Stand

Handcrafted from scrap woods from other projects, we go through extra lengths to recycle, up-cycle and reclaim anything to reduce our waste and need to throw things away. This is a prime example of making something to be up-cycled into a functional product! 

This stand is made from the American Hard Maple species known as Acer Saccharum that grows in North America. Abundant in supply, its widely used from flooring to furniture, cutting boards to paper. Considered the king of the Acer genus due to it being stronger, stiffer, harder and denser than all other species of maple. Commonly named as Sugar Maple as its the same tree most often tapped for maple syrup production. It has a beautiful grain structure with an off-white cream color and laser engraves extremely well.


Engraved - Customized laser engraved options up to 12 characters. Personalize your stand with a name.

Epoxy back fill - Once laser engraved, we back fill the engraving with a color contrast epoxy (white or black depending on the wood color) to make it pop even more.

Blank - No custom engraving.