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Crafter's Delight - Exotic Wood Scraps
Crafter's Delight - Exotic Wood Scraps

Crafter's Delight - Exotic Wood Scraps

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Crafter's! Interested in exotic wood scraps to turn into cool projects like we do!?

We are offering a small limited test batch of handpicked exotic wood scraps from our wood working shop where we use our super power of turning wood into things! But with a zero waste policy, it does mean we are overflowing with usable scrap wood that we painstakingly take time to sort. There is a lot going on and we literally can't use it fast enough.

Help us up-cycle and reclaim what mother nature grew into something really cool!

First Batch 

Small Flat Rate Priority Boxes are filled to the brim with mostly exotic woods. The usual common wood species are Purpleheart, Sapele, Mahogany, Peru Black Walnut, Jatoba, but some more rares like Zebrawood and Wenge are peppered into the box. Some domestics like Maple, Ash, Cherry and Black Walnut are also included, but since we actually don't use domestics as much, its realistically more rare than some exotics in our shop.

Each box is mixed with various sized pieces from small flat boards used to create boxes to skinny sticks for chopsticks and hairpins, thin slivers for bookmarks to cut offs for stands, your crafting imagination is endless. All pieces are deemed worthy to be saved and made into things and hope you do too!

No cheap woods like pine or spruce. 100% Guaranteed.

Medium Box available! Lots more scrap woods. Each box is 10-12 lbs vs the Small flat rate box being close to 2 lbs. Mostly going to be long sticks, but will have a bit of everything else.